Xbox Jet Set Radio Future with Sega GT 2002
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Xbox Jet Set Radio Future with Sega GT 2002


The "SEGA GT 2002 / Jet Set Radio Future" game combined two exclusive SEGA Xbox games onto one disc. This disc is packed with the full version of each game, retaining every feature of the first release. The only difference is selecting the game you want to play when you first boot the console. Otherwise, these games are perfect replicas of the original Xbox video games. The disc also comes packed with bonus videos. These videos are for games such as "Blinx the Time Sweeper," "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," and "Mech Assault." You'll find demos for other Xbox games as well.In "Jet Set Radio Future," you'll fill the role of Beat, and with his friends, you’ll take on the evil Rokkaku group. Rokkaku plans to make Tokyo-To its own, and you're the only fighting force that can stop it. Rather than use your fists, you'll use graffiti to paint your message of hope across the city. Your special boots will allow you to jet over the landscape and to grind on anything that you can see. These boots will allow you to reach even the highest locations in the city. "JSRF" features a cell-shaded graphical style that makes it look like a cartoon. The soundtrack in "Jet Set Radio Future" is a mix of U.S. and Japanese artists that won numerous awards in the industry. The title also features fluid movement with no slowdown or screen tearing."JSRF" features an array of unlockable options, ranging from new songs to new characters. Expect to take 20 hours or more to find all of the hidden content in "JSRF." Even though "JSRF" is a retelling of the original Dreamcast game, it features new areas and locations. If you loved "Jet Set Radio," this is a must-own game. "Jet Set Radio Future" was developed by Smilebit, who also worked on "Jet Set Radio.""GT 2002" was one of the system's premier racing titles. It features fast gameplay and an array of cars to race with and against. You'll take to the street with cars like the Ford GT in an attempt to be the fastest street racer in Tokyo. As you complete races, you'll gain cars to add to your collection. However, you'll need to race carefully as damage to your car will decrease the amount of prize money that you'll receive. This title is also one of the few that lets the player select opponents directly. To drive faster cars, you'll need to pass a license test. This test determines whether you have the driving skill to handle exotic cars before taking one onto the track. "GT 2002" features an array of modes, including Chronicle Mode. In this mode, you'll attempt to use cars from the 1960s and 1970s to defeat newer cars from 2000s.No Xbox collection is complete without either of these titles. With both titles on one disc, you get over 100 hours of gaming in one package.


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